Common Causes of Blocked Drains in Kettering and How to Avoid Them

Blockages in your drainage system can cause a significant amount of distress, disruption, and potential damage to your property. In Kettering and the surrounding areas, particular attributes of local water supply and general behaviour contribute to some common causes of blocked drains. This article will review some of these pervasive causes and provide useful advice on how to avoid them.

1) Hair:

Both human and animal hair can easily get caught in drainpipes, gradually forming a blockage over time. As a universal issue, it is probably the most common cause of blocked drains in Kettering. With most bathroom and shower systems lacking any significant filtering apparatus, hair can be free to infiltrate the system leading to blockages.

Prevention involves installing drain guards or filters to catch any hair before it enters the drain, routinely cleaning these afterward. It’s also helpful to brush your hair prior to showering to reduce hair loss during the shower.

2) Grease and Fat:

Kitchen drains in Kettering are no stranger to grease and fat blockages. When hot, these substances are liquid and easily pour down the drain; however, they solidify once they cool in the drain, causing serious blockages over time.

Preventing this requires you to dispose of grease and fat consciously. Rather than pouring it down the drain, allow it to cool and solidify before scrapping it into a compost bin or non-recyclable waste.

3) Scale Buildup:

In Kettering, the water supply is often hard, meaning it contains a high mineral content. Over time, this can cause mineral deposits or ‘scale’ to build up inside pipes, eventually leading to blockages or reduced flow.

To slow down the rate of deposit buildup in your pipes, consider installing a water softener. This will reduce the mineral content in your water, thus the extent of scale accumulation.

4) Tree Roots:

The beautiful, mature trees that grace Kettering can be a silent blocked drains kettering threat to your drainage system. Trees are constantly in search of water, and their roots can penetrate your pipes, causing severe blockage and potential damage.

The best preventative measure is to regularly monitor the growth of nearby trees and plants, ensuring they’re not growing too close to your pipe systems. Regular inspections by a professional plumber can prevent root infiltration.

5) Foreign Objects:

Whether it’s an innocent child’s toy or bathroom products like wet wipes, nappies, sanitary items, and even excessive amounts of toilet paper – all these foreign objects can cause blockages.

Avoid flushing anything down the toilet aside from human waste and toilet paper. It’s crucial to educate all the members of your household, especially children, about what can and cannot go down the toilet.

6) Pipe Misalignment or Collapse:

Older properties in Kettering may have experienced ground movement over time leading to pipe misalignment or collapse, in turn leading to blockages.

Regular inspections by a licensed plumber can alert you of potential pipe misalignment or impending collapse, allowing you to fix the issue before a significant blockage can occur.


In conclusion, understanding common blockage culprits can save you from unnecessary stress, cost, and damage to your property. While these prevention measures can significantly reduce the risk, they are not failsafe. Regular check-ups and prompt responses to early signs of blockage (like slow draining or strange smells) are key to maintaining a healthy drainage system in Kettering. If in doubt, always contact a professional for consultation and assistance.